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Clean Restrooms

Everytime we go to Lizzie and Charlie's the restrooms and showers are always so clean and taken care of, we love it.

J. Morris

The Facilities -

Are located throughout the campround and within reasonable walking distance of every space. We have bathrooms and showers in the oldest section of the park, another set in the cabins and tent area and still another set in the registration building. Laundry facilities are available in the older section of the park and in the new facilities adjacent to the registration desk.

We have always received praise for how clean our facilities are and are dedicated to earning that praise year after year. We want you to feel comfortable and safe at our campground and have a clean environment to go to after a dirty ride on the trails.

Facilities Pictures

We have laundry services available at both ends of the park.  One is located in the same building as the registration desk and the other is located in a laundry facility in the older section of the park.  Bathrooms are conveniently located in three places in the campground, in the registration building, near the cabins and in the older section of the park near the pavilion.  Showers are located in the same places as the bathroom facilities.

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Campground spaces
Campground spaces
Campground spaces
Campground spaces
Campground spaces

We have more facilities available to campground guests than any other place in Marysvale.